Constitutional Court to discuss the drafts on review of Constitution on July 18

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The Constitutional Court (CCR) will discuss on July 18 the compliance of constitutional provisions in the case of the two drafts to review the Constitution filed for debates in Parliament by PNL-USR and by PSD-ALDE.

According to article 19 of Law no. 47/1992 on the organization and functioning of the Constitutional Court, before the Parliament is notified on the initiation of the legislative review of the Constitution, the draft law or the legislative proposal, accompanied by the opinion of the Legislative Council, shall be submitted to the Constitutional Court, which has to rule on the review’s compliance with the constitutional provisions within 10 days.

On July 1, the opposition parliamentary parties submitted to Parliament the draft amendment to the Constitution, which transposes the result of the May 26 referendum.

PNL leader of Deputies Raluca Turcan explained at the time that the proposals for the review of the Constitution transpose the results of the May 26 referendum and are in line with the National Political Pact to strengthen Romania’s European path, referendum initiated by President Klaus Iohannis and signed by the opposition parties. The draft was signed by all the PNL and USR, PMP MPs and nine MPs from PRO Romania.

Also in early July, the PSD and ALDE submitted to the Chamber of Deputies a draft to review the Constitution, which provides for the ban on taking public positions by persons criminally sentenced and the extension of the right to refer to the CCR the emergency ordinances.

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