Construction works of a block of flats in Tomis Ancient Fortress, Constanta ceased following protest

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Construction works of a bloc of flats in the Tomis Ancient Fortress in Constanta (on the Black Sea coast) have been stopped by prosecutor following the locals’ protest and complaints. The block was to be erected over the ancient remains excavated in the fortress.

Tons of debris full of artifacts have been dug in the Tomis Fortress and thrown away on a field at Constanta’s outskirts, without any archaeologists supervising the digging works.

Tens of residents have made a human chain on Friday around some artifacts unearthed in the city center, in protest against the four-floor block of flats that was being erected on top of the ancient remains inside the Tomis Fortress.

USR has also filed a complaint in this case, with prosecutors opening a criminal file.

Tens of artifacts have been discovered in the debris thrown away at the city’s outskirts. Local archaeologists say the pieces found in the excavated soil are extremely important, as they date back to the Hellenistic period, but also from the Roman and Roman- Byzantine times.

Archaeologists argued that a lot of evidence of Constanta’s history had been thus destroyed: ceramics, pots, even a human femur. They believe a tomb might have been on that area, dating back to the third and secondcenturies before Christ.

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