Controversial website on Transylvania launched by UDMR and financed by Hungary

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UDMR has recently launched a website about Transylvania containing controversial information about the „ethnic tensions” between Romanians and Magyars, suggesting that Transylvania was part of Hungary and that Transylvania’s union with Romania at the end of the WWI was „a devastating experience”.

Moreover, the Romanian cities in Transylvania are presented exclusively under their Magyar names: Kolozsvár (Cluj), Torda (Turda), Nagyszeben (Sibiu), Szilagysomlyó (Șimleul Silvaniei). website has been recently opened by UDMR and was financed by Hungary with funds of the Bethlen Gábor Alap Foundation.

The website tries to look Transylvania through the others’ eyes”, said UDMR executive chairman Bálint Porcsalmi, as reported.
The coordinator of the project is Patrick Eagan, born in the USA, who has no Magyar roots, MTI says.

One of the website’s ambassadors is László Albert Barabási, researcher in networks science, coming from the Szeklers Land. The news are edited by more Magyar-born journalists, bloggers and influencers from Transylvania.

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