Conversion of loans in Swiss francs, postponed by the Constitutional Court


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The Constitutional Court (CCR) has postponed again the decision on the law on conversion of loans in Swiss francs submitted by the government after the talks in November were postponed pending for the motivation of the law on debt discharge.

The CCR meeting has postponed a decision to February 7 for a deeper examination of the reasons for which the decision will be made.

The Constitutional Court judges decided in November 2016 to postpone a decision until January 18, reports.

According to CCR Chairman Valer Dorneanu the decision was postponed so that the judges have the opportunity for deeper examination of the file and to correlate it with the decision on partial unconstitutionality of the debt discharge law, which is still in the drafting phase.

The notification was filed by the Government on October 24, after the adoption by Parliament of the law which provides the loans in Swiss francs are to be converted at the rate of the grant date.

The conversion of the loans in Swiss francs at the grant date will not enter into force before the magistrates of the Constitutional Court check whether or not the law complies with the Constitution.

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