Coronavirus death toll on the rise in Romania: 29 dead, the youngest victim was 45yo. 1,452 Coronavirus cases overall

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The coronavirus death toll climbed to to 29 in Romania on Saturday, while 1,452 cases have been confirmed so far. 139 patients have been declared cured.

Saturday updates, 13:00hrs. 

1,452 cases have been confirmed with the novel Coronavirus in Romania so far, with 160 new cases since Friday. The newly confirmed patients’ age ranges from 13 to 83 years old.

There 34 patients at intensive care at this moment, with 25 in serious condition. Among those in serious condition there are also two female doctors from the Interior Ministry’s Hospital “Dimitrie Gerota”. Health Minister Nelu Tataru made the announcement today, saying the two woman doctors are in critical condition, with a reserved prognostic. Overall, 184 representatives of the medical staff in Romania are infected with COVID-19.


The last victims were three women in their 70s and 60s, with pre-existing medical conditions, all from Arad. There was a 71yo woman from Arad, suffering of diabetes mellitis. She was admitted in hospital on March 25 and she was transferred to the intensive care on March 27, where she died.

Another woman, aged 74, also from Arad was hospitalised at t he Diabetes Clinic in Arad on March 18. She was tested for COVID-19 on March 25 and the result came back positive on March 27. She had been transferred to intensive care since March, where she died on the same day.

The third death reported on Saturday is also a woman from Arad, aged 60, hospitalised on March 25, where she was tested for COVID-19. The result came back positive on March 26 and she died on the same day.

The last confirmed victim Friday is a 81yo man from Bucharest, hospitalised in intensive care of Sf. Ioan Hospital in Bucharest on March 26 and subsequently transferred to Matei Bals Institute for Infectious Diseases, where he died on March 27. No details on potential comorbidities have been revealed.

Then there was 80yo woman from Bacau. The woman, who was admitted at the intensive care at the Infectious Disease Hospital in Iasi, has died after midnight on Thursday night to Friday. She was also suffering of heart failure and atrial fibrillation.

Among the new victims there is a 45-year-old man from Arad who died in the ambulance while he was rushed to the hospital. He is the youngest victim of the COVID-19 infection.

Another new victim was a 75yo man from Iasi, hospitalised and confirmed with the virus on March 22. He died today, March 26. He had other comorbidities, a complicated diabetes mellitus.

A special case is the one of a 49yo man from Timis, diagnosed on March 20 with acute pneumonia, but who was not admitted to hospital. He came for the second time at the hospital, at the Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Timisoara, being also diagnosed with acute pneumonia, but he was not hospitalised this time either. After three days, his condition worsened, so he called the ambulance. He was tested for COVID-19, but still not hospitalised. He died today, precisely when his test came back positive for the new coronavirus.

Among the last five victims there is a 56yo man from Dambovita, who was on dialysis, initially admitted to Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest, but when he tested positive for COVID-19 he was transferred to Victor Babes Hospital for Infectious Diseases.

Another recent victim is a 70yo woman from Neamt, on dialysis, admitted to Piatra Neamt County Hospital. Her condition aggravated since March 25 when she was suspected of being infected with coronavirus. She died on March 25, her test came back positive on March 26.

Friday updates

The Group of Strategic Communication has announced on Friday there are 1,292 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Romania, with 263 new cases, the highest figure since the start of the outbreak.

Out of those 1,292 who tested positive, 115 have been declared healed and were discharged from hospitals (53 in Timișoara, 41 in Bucharest, 7 in Iași, 6 in Craiova, 6 in Constanța and two in Cluj).

The age of the newly confirmed patients ranges from 0 to 94yo.

There are 32 patients admitted at intensive care at this moment, with 24 in serious condition.


Thursday updates

The Group of Strategic Communication had reported that 1,029 cases of the novel Coronavirus are confirmed in Romania by Thursday at 13:00hrs. Out of them, 94 have been declared cured and were discharged from hospital (53 in Timișoara, 28 in Bucharest, 6 in Craiova, 5 in Constanța, one in Cluj and one in Iași).

The people who died had other pre-existing medical conditions, admitted in the hospitals in Craiova, Bucharest, Iași, Suceava, Arad, Bacău and Timișoara.

The last victim, the 18th, is a 76-year-old woman from Cluj county. She was transferred to the intensive cared unit of the Infectious Disease Hospital in Cluj-Napoca on March 22, after she had tested posituve for COVID-19. The woman had pre-existing medical conditions: hypertension and diabetes mellitus.


Since Wednesday, other 123 new cases have been confirmed.

The newly confirmed patients’ age ranges from 7yo to 87 years old.

There are 29 patients currently admitted in the intensive care units, with 23 in serious condition.

One of the people who tested positive for COVID-19 is a gendarme at the General Department of Gendarmes in Bucharest, who got infected from one member of his family.

As for the Romanians living abroad, the Group of Strategic Communication announced that three more gave died from Coronavirus. The three Romanians were living in Italy, France and UK. The death toll among the Romanians from Diaspora climbs to 11.

170 doctors, nurses and patients infected in Suceava

Around 170 patients and members of the medical staff at Suceava County Hospital are confirmed with coronavirus, said the Health minister Nelu Tataru, who has been on the scene to personally assess the situation up there.

Among those 170, 150 are doctors, nurses and orderlies. However, other tests are being processed, so the number might increase.

The minister said that the authorities are trying to re-open the hospital’s emergency room with doctors brought from Iasi, who will sort and send patients to other hospitals in Fălticeni, Rădăuți (towns in Suceava county) or Iași.

USR-PLUS alliance has asked the authorities today to isolate Suceava county, to place it under lockdown, to prevent further spread of the virus.


BREAKING NEWS: British PM Boris Johnson has just announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19. “Over the last 24 hours I have developed mild symptoms and tested positive for coronavirus. I am now self-isolating, but I will continue to lead the government’s response via video-conference as we fight this virus. Together we will beat this“, reads Johnson’s post on Twitter. Prince Charles has also tested positive for Coronavirus.

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