Coronavirus death toll up to 122 in Romania on Friday. Record of new cases-445 in 24 hours, 3,183 overall

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According to the last official statistics, 445 new coronavirus cases have been reported in Romania in the past 24 hours, which represents a record. Overall, there are 3,183 COVID-19 cases on Romania’s territory, while the death toll is up to 122.

Among the total number of people infected, 283 have been declared cured and discharged from hospitals: 126 in Bucharest, 58 in Timiș, 34 in Iași, 5 in Caraș-Severin, 6 in Prahova, 16 in Constanța, 8 in Dolj, 8 in Cluj, 7 in Brașov, 5 in Galați, 2 in Bihor, 2 in Argeș, 2 in Arad, 1 in Brăila, 1 in Mureș, 1 in Neamț, 1 in Alba.

There are currently 83 patients in intensive care.

There are 13,531 people under institutionalised quarantine at the moment in Romania, while other 114,646 people are isolated at home, under medical supervision.

Six more people died of coronavirus, authorities announced on Friday afternoon, with the death toll climbing to 122.

Woman, aged 69 from Hunedoara, confirmed with coronavirus on April 2, dead on April 3. She was suffering of diabetes, hypertension, Parkinson and stroke.
Woman, aged 69 from Ialomita. She tested positive for COVID-19 on April 2, she died a day later. Pre-existing medical conditions: diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney failure.
Man, aged 78 from Timis. Admitted to hospital on April 1, confirmed with covid on the same day, he died on April 3.
Woman, aged 60 from Neamt. She was hospitalised for hepatic cirrhosis in Piatra Neamt County Hospital since March 23. She died on March 28, confirmed with coronavirus on April 2.

Among the last two victims reported on Friday afternoon there are also a 54yo woman from Constanta, nurse, returned from Turkey and a 61yo man from Bucharest.

The Strategic Communication Group has mentioned that the nurse from Constanta had not worked in the hospital though and had not treated patients with COVID-19.

The woman returned from Turkey on March 13 and she tested positive for coronavirus on March 19. She had pre-existing medical conditions: morbid obesity and repeated bronchopneumonias in the past 12 months. She was a nurse by profession, but she had not worked in the hospital nor she had treated patients with covid-19. She died on April 2.


The second patient whose death has been announced on Friday is a 61yo man from Bucharest. He was admitted to Victor Babes Hospital on March 30, after he had been transferred from the Military Hospital. He tested positive for COVID-19 on March 31, he died on April 3.

Thursday updates

New deaths due to the novel coronavirus have been reported  Friday in Romania, with the death toll climbing to 116, with 21 new deaths announced on Thursday evening.

The last victim announced on Friday morning is a 70yo man from Mures. He started having coronavirus symptoms on March 29. He was admitted in hospital on April 1 and confirmed with COVID on April 2, when he also died. He was suffering of hypertension and chronic cardiovascular disease.

The age of the latest victims ranged from 34 year old to 87yo. All patients who died now had serious pre-existing conditions, like diabetes, heart or kidney disease, hypertension. Most of the victims announced this evening were from Arad (4) and Suceava (3). 2 were from Bucharest and 2 from Bistrita, one each from the following counties: Vrancea, Galati, Sibiu, Teleorman, Bacau, Hunedoara and Ilfov.

Thursday, April 2 is thus the day with the most deaths due to coronavirus since the start of the epidemic.


Thursday updates

At the same time, 2,738 coronavirus cases have been registered in Romania until April 2, wit 267 of them being cured and discharged from hospitals (91in Bucharest, 58 in Timiș, 28 in Iași, 23 in Caraș-Severin, 20 in Prahova, 13 in Constanța, 8 in Dolj, 8 in Cluj, 5 in Brașov, 5 in Galați, 2 in Bihor, 2 Argeș, 1 in Brăila, 1 in Mureș, 1 in Neamț, 1 in Alba).

There have been 278 new cases since Wednesday and 78 patients in intensive care.

The most affected counties in Romania, according to the latest reports by the Strategic Communications Group, are Suceava (701 cases of COVID-19), Bucharest (505), Brasov (117), Constanta (111).

The fewest cases were reported in Salaj and Tulcea (six cases each) while Harghita registered no case.


The 75yo woman from Neamt county was admitted to the intensive care of the County Hospital in Piatra Neamt on March 28 and she is tested for COVID-19 on the same day. The result came back positive on March 30. She died on April 1. She had diabetes.

The 84yo woman from Bacau was admitted at the county hospital on March 27 at the intensive care unit, she is tested positive for coronavirus on the same day. She died on April 2.

Other six deaths had been announced since Wednesday evening.

Man, aged 77 from Bistrita Nasaud. Admitted at the Bistrita County Hospital on March 22 with serious pre-existing conditions: dilated cardiomyopathy, stage 3 congestive heart failure, pneumonia, stage 3 kidney failure, prostatic hyperplasia. He was tested for COVID-19 on March 24, discharged from hospital on March 30, before receiving the result of the test. The discharge papers mentioned that he had a good evolution under treatment. He was confirmed with March 31. He died at home on March 31. His death was announced on April 1.

Man, aged 72 – Suceava. Patient residing in Botosani, admitted to Suceava County Hospital on March 14. He was tested for COVID-19 on March 25, confirmed positive on March 31. He died on March 31. He had COPD and heart disease.

Woman, aged 66 from Bucharest. Hospitalised on March 24 at Bagdasar Arseni hospital, for fainting spells and minor injuries. She was transferred at Victor Babes Hospital for Infectious Diseases on March 25 where she was tested for coronavirus. Tests came back positive on March 28, she died on March 29. She had hypertension, cardiovascular disease and schizophrenia.
Woman, 77y from Covasna , admitted to Sf. Gheorghe hospital on March 18, at intensive care, she was confirmed positive for COVID-19 on March 28. She died on March 30. Pre-existing diseases: Cercixal myelitis, tetraplegia.


Man aged 70, Bucharest. Admitted at the University Hospital for dialysis on March 29. He had respiratory symptoms on march 29, the test for coronavirus came back positive on March 30. The patient is transferred at Victor Babes hospital on March 30, but he died in the ambulance.

Woman, 78yo from Bucharest. Hospitalised on March 18 at the orthopaedic ward of the University Hospital for a fracture. She is confirmed with coronavirus on March 29 and she is transferred to Colentina Hospital. She died on march 31. Pre-existing conditions: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neuro-muscular disease, chronic lung disease.


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