Cosmin Lupu from Days of Confusion runs for hope at Bucharest Marathon

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COSMIN LUPU, vocalist and guitarist of the Romanian band DAYS OF CONFUSION,  runs for the first time in the team of HOPE AND HOMES FOR CHILDREN ROMANIA at Bucharest Marathon, 12-13 October, to pull a good oar to the future of the Apetrei family.

Iuliu Apetrei is a single father with three children: Aurora (5 years old) and the twins Dumitru and Marcu (3 years old). His mother left them and Marcu arrived in the care of his maternal grandmother. Iuliu and the two children left in his care lived for a while in the house of his paternal grandparents. Unfortunately, at the end of 2018, this house burned down completely, and the father and the children went into digs to a neighbor’s house. The money is not enough to build a house where Marcu can return.

You can donate by clicking on this link:

A house is a blessing! Not many of us realize this. Growing up without having to worry about tomorrow and being able to focus on what you enjoy doing is not something that you can take just like that. I realize how lucky I was … I pulled a good sledge in this life! I joined Hopes & Homes for Children who raise money to build a family home on the road. They are basically children who need a roof, under which they can learn, play and live. I chose to draw attention to the cause by participating in my first half-marathon, on October 13, at Bucharest Marathon.

WE CAN do something good for these children, and I think we do best together!

1) I invite you to donate with your feelings and / or….

2) … give a share to your Facebook page , to be as many as possible who can offer a helping hand, ” said Cosmin.


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