Countrywide protests of clerks in the justice system. Salaries cut by RON 500 after the ‘fiscal revolution’

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Clerks with the courts and prosecutors’ offices in the country stage protests on Thursday against the wage cuts of those with execution and management positions, with seniority higher than 15 years, by wearing white bracelets on the arm, protests against the calculation of wage rights since January 1 and against the shift of social contributions from the employer to the employee.

“At country level, the clerks with court and prosecutor’s offices jointly protest, even those who benefit from an insignificant wage increase, given the working conditions and workload, they protest in solidarity with the colleagues with seniority higher than 15 years and whose wages will fall,” the chairman of the Clerks’ Association said on Thursday.

The main reason for dissatisfaction is, according to a communiqué released by the Association of Romanian Court Clerks, that, following the transfer of social contributions from the employer to the employee, the clerks with seniority higher than 15 years in office will have a decrease in the net wage with amounts between RON 36 and RON 500, although the Minister of Labour and Social Justice has said that in the budgetary system there will be no decrease in wages, but a gradual increase, reports.

The protest is an attempt to draw the attention of decision makers on the current situation, with the Ministry of Justice being informed about these issues without taking a formal position to solve the problem.

“If the situation is not resolved in the coming days, we are willing to stage protest movements, including the temporary interruption of activity,” the court clerks say.

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