Court delays ruling on Sorina case until July 3. Adoptive parents from U.S. ask for compensation

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The Drobeta Turnu Severin Court has delayed for July 3 the ruling in the case of Sorina, the orphan 8-year-old girl from Baia de Arama, Mehedinti, taken by special forces from the foster carers last Friday to be taken to her new adoptive parents.
The magistrates were supposed to establish of the girl is allowed to leave Romania for U.S., where her adoptive parents, a Romanian-born family, are living.
The magistrates from Drobeta Turnu Severin argued they had postponed a decision in order to take more time to study the requests filed in this case by both parties, Sorina’s new parents and the carers where she had been living since she was 1 year old.

At the same time, the adoptive parents, the Romanian family from U.S., have filed a request in court on Thursday to receive compensations for the time they are staying in Romania.

Sorina’s new parents, Gabriel and Ramona Sacarain, have sent a request in court, by fax, asking to be financially compensated for their stay in Romania, arguing they cannot receive their salaries in the USA. The Sacarin family further argued they are forced to spend a lot of money in Romania, as they “are dragged in court”.
“They are asking that all the expenses they currently have in Romania to be refunded, tens of thousands of euro. The court has yet replied that the request should be accompanied by evidence. This is the reason the hearing was delayed for July 3. This decision is affecting Sorina, as it practically extends the state of uncertainty“, said Victor Dumitrica, the lawyer of the former foster carer from Baia de Arama, who has raised Sorina so far.
The Sacarins have been heard at the special department for investigation magistrates for nine hours on Thursday. Un her way out, Ramona Sacarin told journalists that the girl is fine and that it’s the authorities that will decide Sorina’s fate, not them.
The adoptive father, Gabriel Sacarin challenged the decision that bans the little girl from leaving the country: “To prevent somebody from leaving the country, as far as I got it, can be done only by a prosecutor, if that person has committed a criminal deed. Sorina has done none”.
Several days ago, Romanian Prosecutor General Bogdan Licu sent an ordinance to Mehedinti Tribunal asking to enforce the ban on the girl’s departure from Romania and another ordinance to the Craiova Court of Appeal, asking it to review the ruling that approved the international adoption of the little girl.

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