COVID digital certificates, marked according to the vaccine dose in Romania as well


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The new markings on the EU COVID digital certificates have also been implemented in Romania, depending on the vaccine dose, according to the new European coding norms, announces the Special Telecommunications Service (STS).

The new European regulatory framework will ensure uniformity in all countries, differentiating between vaccination certificates attesting to the completion of the primary series and vaccination certificates issued following a booster dose.

According to the new specifications, vaccination certificates are marked as follows:

  • 3/3 for a booster dose following a 2-dose primary vaccination series;
  • 2/1 for a booster dose following a single dose vaccination.

Starting with December 24, on the EU digital certificates regarding COVID-19 issued in Romania for the vaccination certificates of the persons who have a Johnson & Johnson dose, the European marking is changed to differentiate the additional booster doses.

Authorities recommend that people vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson who have done the booster dose generate a new EU digital certificate on COVID on the platform.

On the new certificate, in the section “Number of vaccinations / doses in series and total number of doses in series” will appear 2/1.

Until December 24, 2021, 10.5 million EU digital certificates on COVID-19 were generated in Romania, through the platform. Of these, 91% were vaccinated against COVID-19.

The European Commission announced on December 21 that COVIDD certificates issued in the EU bloc will only be valid for 9 months without a booster dose of a coronavirus vaccine.

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