Craiova Court of Appeals rejects the application for review of adoption in Sorina’s case

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The Craiova Court of Appeals has rejected on Thursday the application to review the international adoption in the case of Sorina, the girl from Baia de Arama, adopted by the US family. Thus, the adoption remains valid.

In this case, the decision is final.

By the first decision, Craiova Court of Appeal rejected on July 10 Romania’s Prosecutor General’s request to suspend the court ruling through which Sorina, the little girl from Baia de Arama, Mehedinti, had been adopted by a Romanian-born family living in the U.S.

On the other hand, the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) Disciplinary Prosecutor’s Section on Thursday rejected the request of the Judicial Inspectorate to suspend Maria Piţurcă, the prosecutor who violently took over Sorina, the 8-year-old girl from Baia de Aramă, from her foster parent to take her to the adoptive family, the CSM representatives said.

The Special Section for Investigating Magistrates started criminal prosecution against Piturca on July 10, who is working at the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Craiova Court of Appeals.

The Judicial Inspectorate had asked that prosecutor Piturca to be disciplinary investigated, and suspended from office until the conclusion of the inquiry.

Sorina, the 8yo little girl from Baia de Arama, Mehedinti, has been adopted by a Romanian-born family living in the U.S. this year, after no family in Romania had wanted to adopt her. Her former foster parent has given two statements so far saying she doesn’t want to adopt Sorina, authorities argue.

On the other hand, the foster parents that had raised the girl so far say they had been actually denied adoption and that they had been compelled to sign the papers allowing her adoption by the U.S. couple.

The case has prompted emotion across the country, and also protests in Baia de Arama, with tens of locals protesting against the way authorities have managed this case.

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