Credit cards increasingly popular among Romanians. Nine out of ten adults make payments twice a week

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Romanians begin to understand more and more the benefits of card payment. Thus, according to a recent MasterCard study, nine out of ten adults living in urban areas in Romania own a credit card and make payments by credit card, on average, twice a week.

The study results confirm the maturity trend of electronic payments market, revealing that 97 percent of those who perform card payments every day or every two or three days do this for current shopping needs. Contactless technology began to enter more and more into the routine of consumers, 15 percent of respondents claiming that they use contactless payments.

The main reason the Romanians choose to use the card to pay the purchases in stores is that in this way they do not have to carry cash, three out of four cardholders (75 percent) responded this, while almost half (49 percent) appreciate the time saved at shopping using the card payment.

On the other hand, according to MasterCard study, only 1 percent of respondents of all ages reasoned that they do not know how to pay by card, while 65 percent of those questioned choose card payment for ease of use.

The study also showed that 60 percent of respondents prefer to use cards to pay bills. Of these, only 12 percent go to specific kiosks while most choose to pay bills online.

The main advantages of online credit card payment consisting of timesavings and convenience of using payment card – 52 percent of respondents say that.

Men are more open to online credit card payments, 58 percent of them used to make payments as opposed to 48 percent for women case.

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