Criminality, on decline for the fifth year in a row, Interior minister says

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Criminality in Romania was down last year, for the fifth year in a row, said Interior minister Carmen Dan during the Interior Ministry’s 2016 activity report sitting.

The minister said that the lowest criminality percentage has been registered in 2016, down by 7% against the previous year, while the street criminality also down by over 9%.

According to the minister, 2016 is the fourth year in a row when the number of deaths caused by car accidents was kept under 2,000.

The Interior ministry’s balance sheet also reveals a curb of the cases of domestic violence compared to the previous years, while thefts in the countryside have decreased by 14%, and robberies by 8 %.

As for the organized criminality, there were 26 pc more operative actions last year than in 2015, when 200 organized criminal groups have been dismantled.

The minister also informed that the level of prejudice recovery was up, while precautionary measures ordered by the court mounted to almost RON 4 billion.

Also attending the Interior Ministry’s balance sheet sitting, the director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), Eduard Hellvig stated that recent developments request for the SRI-MAI partnership to be enhanced and fathomed, as it is vital for Romania’s national security.

“We are not fighting different wars, the only ones that differ are the weapons. In SRI’s view, our only weapon is the information, and the ony shield is conformation to law,” Hellvig said.

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