Criminals, rapists and thieves released from penitentiaries after the enforcement of Law 169

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In total, during October 19-23, nearly 530 detainees have been released and their number will be even higher.

Figures show that 184 thieves, 135 robbers, 33 criminals and 47 rapists have been released from penitentiaries during these four days after the coming into force of Law 169, on the grounds that the detention facilities did not meet the conditions. This is the statistic made by the National Penitentiary Administration (ANP) for Digi24 TV.

Due to the compensatory appeal, the most dangerous offenders in Romania came out of jail. In the top there are criminals, thieves, robbers and rapists.

Approximately two hundred thieves were released from prison. Most of them were convicted for qualified theft. Also the robbers are at the top of the list – about 150 prisoners have come out due to this masked pardon, whereas 47 rapists have been released under this compensatory law.

The statistics reveal that 33 criminals have also been released, a large number of them being convicted of qualified murder. That may mean they committed premeditated murder.

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader announced last Wednesday, on his Facebook page, that the draft bill on justice laws has been completed and that priority is given to the conditions provided by the penitentiaries.

The legislative decision on penitentiaries was enforced on Thursday – 12 days reduced sentence to every 60 days in inappropriate conditions.

529 prisoners were released last Thursday. “It is a level much higher than I expected, I didn’t believe the impact would be so huge. It is according to the law,” Justice Minister Tudorel Toader said last Friday.

Later on, on Monday, Tudorel Toader said he hopes criminality rate will not go up after Law 169 has come into force.

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