Cristian Pomohaci, excluded from the Orthodox Church. The priest, defrocked by the Metropolitan Consistory

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Former priest Cristian Pomohaci has been defrocked from the Romanian Orthodox Church, according to the final decision of the Metropolitan Consistory, issued on Friday.

Former priest Cristian Pomohaci loses the right to do holy work, to wear clerical attire and to communicate in the altar, according to the decision made by the Metropolitan Consistory.

The decision of the Metropolitan Consistory is final and irrevocable.

According to a press release on Friday, the Metropolitan Synod of the Transylvanian Metropolitan Church has approved the decision of the Metropolitan Consistory, which has decided to remove Cristian Pomohaci from the clerical service, who will have the status of secular theologian with the possibility to carry out social-philanthropic work, cultural, educational or singing activities, as the case may be. His activity and conduct will be assessed annually, the priests have decided.

At the same time, it was found that “the task of the priesthood” is difficult to bear by Pomohaci.

Former priest Cristian Pomohaci was defrocked by the meeting of the Diocese of the Archbishopric of Alba Iulia on July 27, 2017, accused of having recruited a minor for sexual purposes.

“After we judged the case of father Pomohaci, we decided his defrock, meaning he lost the statute of priest for good. The decision was approved by His Holiness Irineu, is enforceable, but not irrevocable. It can be challenged to the Metropolitan Church within 15 days,” said at the time father Oliviu Botoi, cultural adviser with the Orthodox Archdiocese of Alba Iulia.

The case was revealed after an audio recording of about 22 minutes had been released on the Internet, featuring an alleged discussion between priest Cristian Pomohaci, who is also known as a folk music singer, and a 17-year-old teenager. According to the recording, the priest reportedly proposed the boy to have sex with him in exchange for money.

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