Crown Custodian Princess Margareta turned 70, feature published by ‘Majesty’ magazine

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British magazine ‘Majesty’ has published an ample article dedicated to the Custodian of the Romanian Crown, Princess Margareta, who has turned 70. Princess Margareta is pictured on the cover of the magazine, informs.

The magazine reads that the Princess was born in Switzerland, in King Michael’s second year of exile. As a 3-year old child she used to play with Prince Charles and met Queen Elisabeth II.

Later in life she was the target of Securitate, in the ‘70s, as a British tabloid published the news that Margareta was in love with Valentin Ceausescu, the son of Nicolae Ceausescu. But the two did not know each other. Than the former communist intelligence service spread the rumour that Margareta would marry Prince Charles.

Princess Margareta graduated the University of Political Sciences in Scotland and worked as volunteer since she was 19. She worked as sociologist with the UN and the World Health Organisation. She was the first member of the Royal Family to reach Romania, in January 1990, the same source reads. She negotiated with the then authorities the return of former King Michael in Romania, in 1990.

She has opened the first foundation in Romania to support talented children and youngsters and old people.

In 1997 she was named as direct heir of King Michael.

As ‘Romania Journal’ informed at the time, in March 2018 Princess Margareta, Crown Custodian, was awarded, at the Forbes Gala, the prize for the entire activity of promoting Romania in the world and for the efforts to build and consolidate a healthy society in Romania.

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