Crown Princess Margareta: King Michael is calm and happy. Start for the ceremonies marking the Royalty Day

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On Royalty Day marked on Wednesday, May 10, Crown Princess Margareta announced that her father, King Michael of Romania is well.

He is calmer. Very calm and happy,” the Princess said at the Garden Party hosted by the Elisabeta Palace on Royalty Day.

King Michael will turn 96 in October. Last year in March, the Romanian former sovereign announced he is suffering of “chronical leukemia” and “epidermoid carcinoma with metastasis“.

According to Agerpres, King Michael welcomed Adrian Diaconu, archpriest for Switzerland of the Romanian Orthodox Church, to his private residence in Switzerland, with the father saying Te Deum mass for the King and for the Crown Custodian.

May 10 is celebrated in Romania as national holiday, according to a law adopted in 2015.

On Wednesday a military ceremony took place in the Royal Palace Square in Bucharest, while Crown Princess Margareta and Prince Radu laid a wreath of flowers at Carol I statue.

Later on in the afternoon, the Elisabeta Palace hosted a Garden party, with Princess Margareta, Prince Radu and Princess Maria and thousands of guests attending, members of the academic world, politicians and diplomats, including the Apostolic Nuncio in Romania Miguel Maury Buendia, the US ambassador in Bucharest Hans Klemm and Israel’s ambassador to Romania, Tamar Samash. The royal family showed up at the balcony at 17:00hrs to greet the attendees.

The day of May 10 was national holiday when Romania was kingdom. The day has a special significance in the Romanian history’s people. Carol I was proclaimed Ruler of Romania on May 10, 1866, while the kingdom was proclaimed on May 10, 1881.

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