Crown Princess Margareta: King Mihai is in better condition

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Crown Princess Margareta said on Monday that King Mihai’s condition is improved. However, she ruled out the possibility that he comes back in Romania in the upcoming period.

His Majesty is better, he called me on my birthday. I feel relaxed right now,” the Crown Princess of Romania told journalists at the event celebrating the Romanian Academy’s anniversary on Monday.

Asked about the former sovereign’s recovery programme, Margareta said he is walking slowly, but that she couldn’t give further details, as she is no doctor.

Princess Margareta ruled out any comeback of the king in the upcoming period, explaining that she will visit him in Switzerland.

King Mihai of Romania has been discharged from the Lausanne medical clinic three weeks ago after being admitted for 17 days due to the serious cancer diagnosis. He was taken to his private residence in Switzerland where he will be under the doctors’ supervision, the doctors from the clinic next to his attending physicians.

A team of the Royal House’s employees has been also detached in Switzerland at the king’s private residence.

In early March, His Majesty King Mihai I decided to withdraw from public life in the favour of his eldest daughter, Crown Princess Margareta of Romania.

I received a serious medical diagnosis in the past weeks… I am sure that my daughter Margareta will find the wisdom and force to represent me…I have asked the Royal Council to continue its mission and offer its advice to the Custodian of the Romanian Crown”, read the kings’ message.

The King has undergone a serious surgery recently, with the doctors giving an alarming diagnosis: “chronical leukemia” and “epidermoid carcinoma with metastasis“.

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