CSM approves the revocation of prosecutors Doru Ţuluş and Mihaela Iorga Moraru


The Prosecutors Section of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) has green lighted on Tuesday the revocation request filed by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) chief of prosecutors Doru Ţuluş and Mihaela Iorga Moraru. There was maximum tension in the room because the two also accused the head of DNA of pressure and interference in investigations. In all this scandal, Kovesi is supported by the Prosecutor General and by the Head of State, tvr.ro informs.

Prosecutor Moraru said that Laura Codruta Kovesi allegedly asked her to remand Elena Udrea.  DNA prosecutor Mihaela Moraru Iorga said she was told, when she was working on one of Elena Udrea’s files, that the “opinion of the DNA leadership” was that the ex-minister should be remanded for a night, although the Parliament refused to approve the request for preventive arrest. The prosecutor, however, says that she made the decision not to remand her, as the Parliament had not approved the request for arrest.

Prosecutor Mihaela Iorga Moraru is accused of failing to legally register the former tennis player Dinu Pescariu’s denouncement.

One of DNA’s best prosecutors, Doru Ţuluş, is accused by the DNA chief of selling litigious rights on salary arrears to a businessman, subsequently detained by the DNA, and charged in two criminal files with unlawful restitutions of tens of millions of euros. Ţuluş and his wife allegedly received EUR 56,000 from businessman Mihai Rotaru and then have closed a file. Ţuluş defended himself on Tuesday.

DNA Prosecutor Doru Tulus said on Tuesday at the exit from the CSM sitting, where the revocation request was discussed, that Laura Codruta Kovesi “did not love me very much, but after the recordings she took the opportunity to pursue purely subjective criteria.” Tulus also said of Kovesi that “on the Tuesday after the recordings, he called my judiciary policeman and told him to leave. Five minutes later, she called my other two officers and moved them to other prosecutors. Then she sent a message to Nistor, ‘I’ll let Tulus alone.’”Asked by journalists if he is the one who made the recording broadcast by RTV, Tulus replied: “No, definitely not.”

The DNA chief personally came to support her request to revoke the two prosecutors.

Kovesi explained that the situation of the two prosecutors was the subject of two criminal files and responded to the allegations brought by the revoked prosecutors.

The DNA scandal began after the release of some recordings with Laura Codruta Kovesi. Prosecutors Doru Ţuluş and Mihaela Iorga Moraru are suspected of having made the recordings and were summoned to the lie detector. They refused and have notified the Judicial Inspection. The DNA chief instead called for their revocation and has opened criminal files.

At the end of the meeting, the CSM plenary decided to notify the Judicial Inspection on the charges that the prosecutors Ţuluş, Moraru and Marin made against Laura Codruţa Kovesi. The Judicial Inspection was nevertheless notified on Monday by Justice Minister Tudorel Toader, in regard to Laura Codruta Kovesi.

The Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) discussed on Tuesday the DNA chief prosecutor’s request to recall two anti-corruption prosecutors.

Anti-corruption prosecutors Doru Ţuluş, Mihaela Iorga and Nicolae Marin filed a complaint last week to the Judicial Inspectorate after receiving summons in the file opened following the recordings released in public with Codruţa Kovesi, as they were asked to carry out the polygraph test.

Later on, the chief prosecutor of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) Laura Codruta Kovesi has requested the recall for two of them, Doru Ţuluş and Mihaela Iorga.

Both Kovesi and the two subordinates came to the CSM sitting on Tuesday to present their suit.

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