CSM asks the Gov’t to repeal GEO 7


The plenary sitting of the Superior Council of Magistracy has decided on Monday to send a request to the Government to repeal the emergency ordinance no 7 that is amending the justice laws, except for the proposals that had been submitted by CSM.

The decision has been taken by 12 votes to three and a vote annulled.

Sources within the CSM told local mass media that the head of the Council, Lia Savonea is attending talks with the premier at Victoria Palace. Savonea is known as being close to the PSD-ALDE ruling coalition and to the Justice minister, Tudorel Toader.

Through the decision taken today, CSM is asking Dancila Cabinet to keep the provisions regarding the unlock of the contests to enter the judiciary and the National Institute of Magistracy and to repeal the other controversial provisions.

PM Dancila invited the representatives of the magistrates’ associations for talks at Victoria Palace on Monday afternoon. Three of the magistrates’ associations, „The Judge Forum in Romania”, „The Movement for Defending the Prosecutors’ Statute” and „The Initiative for Justice” had already announced they are not attending the talks, arguing these discussions should have taken place before the GEO had been issued.

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