CSM partially Oks the Judicial Inspection’s report on DNA

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The Superior Council of Magistracy has partially Okayed the report drafted by the Judicial Inspection to probe into the activity of the National Anti-corruption Directorate. The document will be sent to the Justice Ministry and minister Toader will have to come to a decision on maintaining or recalling the DNA’s leadership.

Subsequently, minister Toader said he would decide on the DNA’s head not only based on the Judicial Inspection’s report, but after assessing all circumstances.

According to the CSM’s representatives, the prosecutors have assumed part of the judicial inspectors’ conclusions, but they have also taken the DNA’s stance into account, determining that the DNA’s activity “has been efficient”.

As for the Justice minister, the one who will have the final say on this matter, he said that the decision on DNA’s chief prosecutor will be taken after assessing all circumstances, not just based on the report.

“For I have asked for this report, I will be the one to draft a conclusion (…) With three votes in favor and three against, it’s the Justice minister’s role to turn the sacles,” Toader told a press conference on Tuesday.

He pointed out that the Judicial Inspection’s report after checks on DNA had not been unitary, as three inspectors opined that the DNA chief prosecutors had done her job well, while the other three found deficiencies.

At the same time, CSM decided in the Tuesday’s sitting that a new control should be carried out at DNA in six months to check if the deficiencies had been fixed. The deficiencies referred to the files investigated by former DNA prosecutors Tulus and Iorga.


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