CSM Vice-President Codrut Olaru reportedly has plagiarised the PhD thesis. The work was coordinated by Tudorel Toader


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Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) Vice-President Codrut Olaru allegedly has totally plagiarized the PhD thesis ‘Particularities of Organized Crime in Romania’, defended in 2013 at the Bucharest University, copying from various Romanian authors or online sources, PressOne informs. The doctoral work was coordinated by the current Minister of Justice, Tudorel Toader.

According to PressOne, the nearly 250 pages of the doctoral thesis signed by Codrut Olaru are copied from Romanian authors or from online sources.

Actually, the work is said to be a simple inventory of topics such as drug or people trafficking, terrorism, cybercrime, or money laundering.

The thesis does not suggest a research methodology, does not have a research corpus and no part of research.

Also, although defended in 2013, most of the bibliographic references in the thesis were before 2009.

Olaru reportedly cited authors in the footnotes by “op.cit” (the work cited above), although they were mentioned for the first time.

The prosecutor’s thesis, defended in 2013, when Codrut Olaru was deputy to the Prosecutor General, was coordinated by the current Justice Minister, Tudorel Toader, while he was the dean of the Law Faculty of the Iasi University and judge with the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR).

Codrut Olaru copied, among other things, without quoting, from the book “Knowledge of Organized Crime”, written by Damian Miclea and published in 2001 at the Pygmalion publishing house, the same source claims.

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