Cyclone close to Romania brings big storms over most of the country


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The weather will stay warm in most parts of the country on Wednesday, with temperatures climbing up to over 20C, even 25C in the south and east, yet a latest weather alert warns that big storms are ahead in the west, north-west and center.

The National Meteorology Administration has issued a warning for torrential rainfalls and storms on Wednesday morning, valid for the central, western, northwestern country, as well as for the mountain areas, The alert is in force until Wednesday evening.

Thunderstorms, lightning and hailstorms will be also present, while warnings for floods on rivers in Maramures and Tranyslvania are still valid today.

Weathermen say a cyclone north of Romania is the main responsible for the upcoming bad weather particularly in the mountain areas during the week.

The weather in Bucharest will remain warm and sunny the coming two days, with temperatures going up to 26C, yet with wind remaining alert. However, rains will return in the Capital on Friday and Saturday, with temperatures dropping a little bit.

There will be beach time on the seaside until Friday, temperatures will range from 22 C to 25C in all the Black Sea resorts in Romania. However, the temperature of the sea will not exceed 19C.

On Thursday, the weather will get unstable in the west, center and north, while Friday the rains will seize most part of the country, with more consistent falls in the eastern and southeastern territories.

On Saturday, there will be rains and cloudy sky in the northern, central, eastern and southeastern country.

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