Cyclone Olaf not reaching Romania after all, cyclone Peter is replacing it

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Cyclone Olaf expected to reach Romania this weekend is not going to come after all, the National Meteorology Administration (ANM) announced on Friday. Meteorologists say cyclone Olaf has died out in northern Europe, but a new cyclone, called Peter, will replace it. So, the weather in Romania will be dull this weekend, with maximum temperatures ranging from 4 to 13C.

According to ANM, the weather will be generally dull countrywide. Maximum temperatures will range from 4 to 13C. The coldest weather will be registered in Moldova, with 4,5C. It’s going to be 6 or 7C in Bucharest, it will be cloudy and it will rain. Rains will also be reported in the rest of the country, mostly in southwestern and southern country, while sleet and snowfalls will prevail in the mountains.

As for cyclone Olaf that was supposed to arrive in Romania on Saturday from Scandinavia, it has died out and will be replaced with cyclone Peter.

According to the Romanian meteorologists, cyclone Olaf has evolved in northern Europe but it has died out there. Yet, another cyclone took shape in the areas crossed by “Olaf”, called Peter, which is Poland now and whose extremities will extend in Central Europe as well and will get to Romania with snowfalls and sleet in the mountains and in the north.

Behind this cold front, another colder front enters Romania as of next week, with negative temperatures during several nights.

ANM announced two days ago that the end of this week will be marked by rainfall and a mass of cold air in all regions of the country, due to the fact that the cyclone Olaf will pass nearby Romania and will bring a polar air.

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