Czech citizen caught at Petea customs with 680 antlers

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A Czech citizen was caught by Petea border police officers while trying to take out of the country 680 antlers without legal documents, a press release issued by the General Inspectorate of the Border Police reported on Thursday.

The man was trying to leave the country and was driving a van belonging to a Czech company.

“Following specific checks, border guards found that the vehicle was filled with antlers for which the driver presented a tax invoice, but did not have the necessary documents to remove the goods from the country. A crew from the IPJ Satu Mare – the Service of Explosive Weapons and Dangerous Substances, along with the border guards, conducted the joint check of the goods. Following the inventory, the quantity of 680 pieces of antlers (600 pieces of Carpathian deer antlers and 80 pieces of fallow deer antlers) worth about RON 14,000 (EUR 3,100), which were confiscated in order to continue the research,” the quoted source informs.

In this case, a criminal investigation was started for offences included by Law 407/2006 on hunting and hunting fund.

The 680 antlers were handed over to the IPJ Satu Mare team in order to continue the investigation.


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