Dan Condrea committed suicide, Prosecutor General’s Office says

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The prosecutors with the Prosecutor General’s Office have established that the Hexi Pharma owner, Dan Condrea, committed suicide and have ordered to file the case on his death.

The announcement was made on Wednesday by Cornelia Adriana Sandru, personal advisor to the Prosecutor General of Romania.

“The prosecutors of the Department of Criminal Investigation and Criminality of the Prosecutor’s Office upon to the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court) have finalized the investigations in the file on the car accident occurred on May 22, 2016, ordering the filling of the criminal offense of manslaughter, as Condrea Dan Alexandru’s death was not due to any offense under criminal law,” prosecutor Cornelia Sandru said.

The prosecutors have determined that the evidence gathered during the criminal investigation has revealed that, on May 22 at 18.47h, following a phone call received at the National System for Emergency Calls 112, police, ambulance and the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations were reported on that on the road connecting the villages and Buftea to Tamasi in Ilfov County a road accident occurred resulting in the death of a person.

The Opel Astra car was found overturned on the right, off the roadway, on the way from the village of Tamasi to the city of Buftea, at a distance of about 7 meters from the roadway.

The forensic report of the autopsy established by the Ilfov Forensic Service concluded that the death of Dan Condrea “was violent, being caused by injuries that have been produced by collisions of bodies and harsh objects, as well as by his crush with the components of a vehicle, due to a collision with an obstacle and are unconditional direct cause of the death.”

The autopsy found no non-vital injuries that can have another mechanism of inflicting than previously mentioned.

Finally, the investigators determined that Dan Condrea committed suicide.

The prosecutors found, at the beginning of June, in the mobile phone of Dan Condrea’s wife an exchange of messages several minutes before the accident when the woman urged him “not to do something stupid”. Judicial sources revealed that several minutes before the car crash, the Hexi Pharma owner’s wife, Uliana Ochinciuc send him a message asking him where he was and what he was doing. Condrea gave a short message: ‘I am meditating’. His wife replied to him to take care and not do anything stupid.

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