Darius Vâlcov has plagiarized at least half of his Ph.D. thesis, sources say. PM’s adviser says it’s out of the question


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Darius Vâlcov, economic adviser to Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă, has plagiarized more than half of his Ph.D. thesis with the Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banks and Stock Exchanges (FFABBV) in 2008, part of the Academy of Economic Sciences in Bucharest, journalist Emilia Şercan writes for PressOne.

After analyzing the paper, more than 100 of the 212 pages of the thesis are plagiarized, and the original sources identified are exclusively books on economy that are not available online.

Darius Vâlcov’s PhD supervisor was Professor Emil Negrea with the FFABBV, who in the meantime has retired.

Vâlcov filed for the PhD in 2001, when Romania was at the beginning of the pre-accession period to the European Union, and his work – “Improving the financial management of the companies in view of Romania’s accession to the European Union” – was completed a year after Romania has joined the EU, thus the research topic was no longer justified at that time.

In 2001 he became student of the Law School with the “Spiru Haret” University, which he graduated three years later in 2004.

Journalist Emilia Şercan discovered that in each of the six chapters of Vâlcov’s doctoral thesis there are plagiarized pages, and even chapters copied entirely from other sources. Moreover, some footnotes have also been plagiarized.

Darius Valcov: Out of the question

Darius Valcov has immediately replied to the charges, saying that such thing is out of the question.

“As it was not enough for my discrediting, based on lies such as ingots and money hidden in cemeteries, now some of the 19,000 SRI employees (including the covered ones) say my PhD thesis is partially plagiarized. My answer is simple: It’s out of the question! In another development, if you did not know, the average 3-month ROBOR level was in January of 2.97 and the average 6-month ROBOR was 3.27. The number of transactions was zero (meaning that the banks had no loans, The quotations were used only to increase the population’s installments),” Darius Valcov wrote on Tuesday on Facebook.

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