Dăruiește Viață Hospital starts treating the first children


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​The first 50 children are being treated in the hospital built from donations by the Association Dăruiește Viață, which opened its doors for small patients after receiving all the operating approvals. The hospital for children with cancer was built exclusively from donations (over 350,000 physical persons and over 8,000 companies).

The 50 children were moved to the new building in the Marie Curie hospital.

The hospital started functioning and took over the children admitted until now in the oncology, neurosurgery, surgery and intensive care units  in the old hospital building.

The transfer was made over several days, starting on Wednesday, April 10 and until this morning, in order to provide the children with all the conditions of safety and comfort.

The first child moved was Andreea, aged two and a half years, and the second was Darius, aged three and a half months. Andreea had been hospitalized a few days ago in the old neurosurgery ward of the “Marie Curie” Hospital – a ward the size of a two-room apartment. The little girl was accompanied by three nurses and had a vital signs monitor. Despite the excitement of the change, shortly after she arrived in her new salon, she was already playing with another patient, Eva, who was transferred after her.

The oncology ward has now moved to an entire floor, each room having its own bathroom, with a maximum of two patients per room. 10 children aged between 1 and 16 were transferred from the old ward.

“A dream of the more than 350,000 people who joined this madness, of the more than 8,000 companies. It is a joy for the children – at 7:00 in the morning they were in the playroom. I know the story of a child who, on the old ward, was lying motionless in bed and who got up for the first time and came to the playroom. There is also the story of a child who did not speak and uttered his first words this morning,” said Carmen Uscatu, the president and founder of the Daruieste Viata Association, on Tuesday.

Moving the patients to the hospital built by Dăruiește Viață with the support of donors and sponsors marks the end of a very complex stage of our project. It is a victory that gives meaning to every gesture, every struggle, every second of work and every lion donated by people. It is the victory of life, hope, solidarity and professionalism over disease and the system. From now on, the children’s chances of recovery will increase, and the emotional impact of the disease will be lower”, said in her turn Oana Gheorghiu, vice-president of the Dăruieste Viață Association.

After the first children moved into the new hospital building, Dăruiește Viață NGO is now starting a new chapter: it will build a second hospital building from scratch, where the Marie Curie Children’s Hospital will be completely relocated.

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