Day 6: Romania gathers 500,000 in the streets – some 300,000 downtown Bucharest. PSD’s Dragnea claims President Iohannis wants to take over power

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Protests against the emergency ordinance on criminal codes continued on Sunday in Victoria Square and across the country.

There was a touching moment at 21.00h in Victoria Square, where 250,000 people wanted to convey that they’ve come into the light as they raised their phones to the sky with flash lights on.

Over 500,000 people are in the streets throughout the country, the media inform.

40,000 people are out in Timisoara, in Craiova 6,000, other 9,000 in Brasov, in Cluj-Napoca 45,000 and about 33,000 in Sibiu and in Iasi about 30,000.

The protesters demanded the government’s resignation, shouting ‘We won’t give up’, ‘We’re here until you leave’, ‘You won’t fool us, we’re united’, and signs reading ‘Government people, please go’ and ‘We are not fooled, we stick together.’ Protesters chanted: ‘Do not give up’, ‘Down with the mafia government’ and ‘Go, Dragnea, leave’, ‘Go away, don’t rule us anymore’, ‘We want democracy, thieves in jail’.

More than 1,000 people protest in Braila.

PSD’s Dragnea sees things the other way around

PSD leader Liviu Dragnea said for Romania TV private broadcaster, about the anti-government protests that Romanians are not stupid, I understand that there are other forces that come and incite. I think the motion would fail, we have a stable majority.

The Ordinance was just an excuse for those who incited people to take to the streets through misinformation. The stake was always PSD, Liviu Dragnea said.

“Parliamentary elections took place. You’ve seen the measures Romanians have voted. Most are approved and implemented. People will start slowly to feel them.

The budget – no one talks about the budget anymore.

We all are waiting for a message from the Romanian President. In the first meeting it was President Iohannis who was in the street. The multinationals, welcomed and will be further welcomed – but it doesn’t seem right to me that the president of a large foreign company to protest.

All Romanians will pay for this period.

Justice Minister has assumed a faulty communication. This is why the Prime Minister has decided to withdraw the ordinance.

The ordinance is legally correct, approved through legal procedures. If the protests continue, it shows that this plan was planned immediately after the elections, a pretext was looked for. People are outraged, because it’s the people who voted.

I appeal to all Romanians: be calm and let’s not escalate the protests.

I am also waiting for President Iohannis’s message.”

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