Day 9: Thousands defied heavy snowfall in Bucharest to ask for the Gov’t resignation

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About 8,000 protesters were gathered in Victoriei Square in Bucharest around 21:00hrs, despite heavy snowfall that has seized the Capital city since Wednesday morning. They even brought their paddles to remove the snow in front of the Government’s building.

People asked for the Government’s resignation, while original anti-corruption slogans got viral again.

Protesters waved banknotes with Liviu Dragnea’s face and the value of RON 199,999, hinting to the RON 200,000 threshold under which the abuse of office would be decriminalized. People also made a snowman, saying it’s for “the night shift”.

"Bad luck. I am keeping an eye on you. # I resist. Day 9". Photo: Andrei Rosu, Facebook
“Bad luck. I am keeping an eye on you. # I resist. Day 9”. Photo: Andrei Rosu, Facebook

The placards displayed messages such as: “No criminally convicts in the Government,” “Romanians, stop electing leaders who don’t love their country,” “Yes, I’m a Dacian, I will never shut up,” “Romania is going down on corruption path,” with demonstrators chanting “Resignation,” “Down with the Government,” “Traitors,” “Down with the criminally convicted,” “Shame, shame on you.”

Like in the morning, protesters kept on writing in the snow cheer up messages: “We resist!,” “I refuse. I resist.”

Another slogan hinted to PM Sorin Grindeanu’s subordination to the PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea. “Sorine, blink twice if you want us to save you!”

The Romanian 100-year-old philosopher Mihai Sora, also considered a “veteran” of these protests, posted a new messge on Facebook voicing his solidarity with the demonstrators in the Victoriei Square: “My dear ones, the spring will eventually come. There will be petunias and pelargoniums on my balcony from the third floor. Until then, the winter of our resistance”.

"The winter of our resistance". Photo: Mihai Sora, Facebook
“The winter of our resistance”. Photo: Mihai Sora, Facebook

Rallies have continued also countrywide, with hundreds of Romanians attending the marches and demonstrations in Cluj, Sibiu, Constanta, Timisoara, etc. “We’ll be here every day!” was the main slogan of the protesters in Cluj, “We resist, we are not leaving”, says another one in Sibiu.

BBC news live from Victoriei Square

BBC was live from the anti-government protests in Bucharest on Thursday night. “Despite the government scrapping an unpopular decree the demonstrations are continuing. Protesters are concerned about new legislation proposed by the Prime-Minister”, BBC says. The post has been watched by 420,000 people, with support messages flooding in. One comment said that the protest are watched from America. ‘When you finish you can also come to us, we need some resignations’.

Some comments were yet against protesters. Someone called them ‘idiots, losers’, accusing they are looking for excuses to protests regardless of the reason or the country.

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