Dead man cannot be buried because the mayor of a commune does not issue the death certificate

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A man cannot be buried a month after he has died because the Mayor of Malovăţ commune, Mehedinţi County, refuses to issue the death certificate, claiming that he does not believe that the person declared deceased is the same person announced as missing.

Mayor of Malovăţ commune, Ion Michescu, declared that on December 14, while leaving the mayor’s office with the deputy mayor, he saw a man lying in front of the institution. After 40 minutes of resuscitation, death was declared, the mayor said.

“We all asked who the man was, no one knew him, and the police asked me, and I said I did not know who he was, I said he was not from the commune, no one recognized him,” Ion Michescu says, according to

Then, at the beginning of the year, a man came to the town hall and said that someone living next to the town hall has disappeared during the holidays.

“A week ago, some people said that the missing person is the same one with the dead person in front of the town hall. It’s not the same person. I have seen him with my eyes. I know the missing man. The dead man is not the same person as the missing person,” the mayor of Malovat said.

The mayor says he has asked the Police to conduct the DNA tests which he is willing to pay, and that he will release the death certificate when the police “assume responsibility and the family comes with papers.”

Mehedinti Police spokesman, Nicholas Lohon, in turn, said the missing person is the same person with the man who died in front of the town hall.

“Fingerprints have been taken from both the dwelling of the deceased and papillary traces, they have been compared in the database and correspond, they are identical,” Lohon said.

As this is a social case, the town hall would bear the funeral expenses, when the burial will take place.


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