Defence Ministry’s Control Body investigates how the Romanian soldiers’ remains were reburied at Rossoshka, Russia – in cardboard boxes


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Defence Minister Mihai Fifor has requested the ministry’s control body to verify how the National Office for Heroes’ Cult organized the reburial of the Romanian soldiers’ remains at the Rossoshka cemetery, given that the remains were placed in cardboard boxes.

“For the works this year, the contract was signed by the National Office for Heroes’ Cult, on behalf of Romania, on May 2, 2017,” the document reads, according to

The remains of 345 Romanian soldiers dead during the battle of Stalingrad of WWII have been reburied at Rossoshka Romanian Honorary Cemetery, Volgograd region.

The investigation will focus on the way the reburial was conducted and also the institution’s activity as a whole. The MoD mentions that the Romanian officials attending the ceremony at Rossoshka had no involvement in organisation, have only represented the state at the event.

The ministry also mentions that special efforts were made to arrange a Romanian military cemetery at Rossoshka, where Romanian soldiers fell during 1942-1943 during the battle of Stalingrad.

“This project has been completed on the basis of the agreement between the Romanian Government and the Government of the Russian Federation regarding the legal regime of the Romanian military cemeteries on Russian Federation’s territory and of Russian military graves on Romanian territory, signed in Bucharest on November 8, 2005 and ratified by Law no. 413 dated November 9, 2006,” the document released by the MoD reads.

Hitherto, the National Office for Heroes’ Cult has identified the graves of 4,261 Romanian military dead during the Stalingrad battles and buried in 65 cemeteries.

Following the ceremony on September 29, the number of Romanian military fallen in battle at Stalingrad and reburied at the Romanian cemetery and at the old German cemetery in Rossoshka will reach 2,200, informs.

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