Deficit of 15,000 people in the Police system


There is a deficit of almost 15,000 people in the Police system in Romania, with over 5,000 employees of the Interior Ministry retiring since early this year.

The Ministry’s representatives say that over 5,000 employees left the system by retirement so far since the beginning of the year, while the staff shortage mounted to 15,000 people.

The Interior minister Petre Toba discussed the matter with the police trade unions on Thursday, pointing out that more hiring from external sources is needed.

“Until now, following the contests for staff hiring, over 2,200 employees have been hired, 1,707 from outside the system and 516 by recalling into activity. In July, another 1,455 officers and agents are to be hired, representing the ones who graduated the Police schools,” reads a ministry’s press release.

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