Details on Victor Spirescu’s car accident. The fiancée of the first Romanian to ‘invade’ the UK is waiting for the Police investigation to be completed


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Victor Spirescu, originally from Sibiu County in central Romania, died in a collision just one mile from his home in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, at 4am Monday morning.

According to, his heartbroken fiancée, Suzana Mates, 23, said he was the ‘happiest person on earth’ and said she was ‘so lost’ and ‘cannot believe he isn’t coming back’.

‘My future husband was in the car with a friend and there was a car accident on a straight road which is bizarre because Victor was the most confident and reliable driver and I don’t think he would make this mistake, a beginner’s mistake. We still don’t know what happened, so many people are contacting me. I can’t cope, it is overwhelming. I will book a chapel in London where everyone can come and celebrate his life. He was in the UK for four years. There are a lot of people who know him and love him. The police investigation is expected to last a week,” Suzana Mates said.

She added that “he told everyone that we were going to get married, he was so excited. We were planning the wedding, he proposed to me, we were so happy. (…)  I am just so lost, I’m so confused, I don’t believe this is happening and that he isn’t coming back. Oh my god, I loved him so much.’I need to be patient and wait for the results of the investigation, he was the most wonderful man on this planet and I loved him so very much.”

Suzana Mates was born in Tulcea, eastern Romania, and was living in London with Victor Spirescu for the past two years. She has told Romanian media that the wedding was to take place in Bucharest or in Cyprus, where her father is.

She has also mentioned that after the investigation is completed, he will be buried on Bucharest, where his family lives. Suzana Mates added that she does not have the money to repatriate the body and she has called on his close friends for help, ‘Adevarul’ newspaper informs.

Suzana Mates has also told that “in April last year, his life changed. At the time, we were living in a room and we had the opportunity to meet a millionaire, a real estate investor. We went to his place for an event downtown London and met Glenn Armstrong. He offered us jobs, for me to work as personal assistant and for him (for Victor Spirescu – our note) as his right hand. He was doing everything. I was in charge with documents, to organise events and Victor could do everything, from A to Z. He drove his Bentley, his Ferrari.”

In the courtyard of the palace there were luxury cars. Some of them belonged to their boss, some were Spirescu’s. Suzana Mates and Victor Spirescu had a Porsche Cayenne, an Audi TT, a Mercedes and a Mitsubishi Galant – the car with which he had the accident, Mates said.

“These cars were ours. We had 20 cars during the past four years. He was making drifting near the house. I believe Victor was an accomplished person, he has nothing to look for anymore. He had a perfect life. Since we moved here, we had money, cars,” Suzana Mates has told, adding further that she cannot believe what has happened.

Victor Spirescu, the first Romanian who ‘invaded’ the UK after the lifting of restrictions on January 1, 2014, has died in an accident on Monday, aged 33.

Spirescu arrived in Britain on January 1, 2014 to find a job. Officially he was the first immigrant to reach the UK after the lifting of restrictions for Romanians and Bulgarians. Journalists and British MPs were waiting at the airport what was expected to be an exodus. Labour MP Keith Vaz greeted him at the airport. But Victor Spirescu was the only Romanian to ‘invade’ Britain at the time.



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