Deutsche Welle: Local barons from Romania related to companies that take Romanians to work in the meat processing plants in Germany

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Alina Kuhnel, Deutsche Welle journalist has told Digi 24 on Sunday evening that Romanian politicians would be involved in the businesses that manage the work contracts of the Romanians who go to work in Germany. The statements come amid the scandal of the Romanians who work in some meat processing units in Germany and who got infected with COVID-19. The Romanians complained of awful accommodation and working conditions, and also about the way they are treated there.

Alina Kuhnel, Deutsche Welle journalist said that some politicians from Romania are involved in recruiting workers for Germany and that these recruiting companies are responsible for keeping the Romanians in substandard accommodation conditions. “Part of these subcontractors were sentenced to prison three-four years ago, there was a trial in Duisburg, called by the media back then <the war of the slaughterhouses mafia>, when the main defendant, a German businessman, was sentenced to 7 years in prison. It was a EUR 20 million tax evasion case. At least three Romanians from these recruiting companies were also convicted, a fourth one managed to flee Germany, came back to Romania, changed his identity, but killed himself after being tracked down by the Interpol”, the German journalist said.

She said she would reveal further information in the upcoming days about these “influential Romanian politicians” involved in these affairs. “We can say they are local barons connected to these companies. The precise person I am referring to is politically active in Romania. Deutsche Welle will provide further information in the coming days“, Kuhnel said.

She added she has documents proving that the Romanians workers currently in quarantine over the Coronavirus outbreak will receive only 60-70% of their salary, although the German state is covering the entire expenses.

At least 1,000 Romanian workers are infected with the novel coronavirus in Germany, most part of them working in the Toennies slaughterhouse in North Rhine-Westphalia land.

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