DHL’s most awaited Carpathian Marathon Relay kicks off on June 17. Paralympic athletes, in the spotlight

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“If you want to move the world, start with yourself!” is the motto of all those who decided to join this year’s edition of DHL Carpathian Marathon Relay on June 17th. Like every year, many public persons, sportsmen and celebrities, are endorsing the event.

The event organized by DHL Express Romania, now counting the 8th edition, is addressed to all the ones whom love running, no matter the age.

Organized on 3 categories of challenges, Marathon (42,195 km), Half-marathon (21 km) and Relay (7 km x 6 persons), DHL Carpathian Marathon Relay, one of the most loved events of mountain running from Romania, offers to the participants a unique route, but also the joy to contribute to the performance of Paralympic Romanian athletes.dhl3

DHL Carpathian Marathon Relay remains one of the big supporters of practicing sport open air around young generation, for this reason offering free registration for relay (until 14 years old) or half-marathon (until 16 years old). For kids, between 5 and 13 years old, we organize a special competition, where they can participate for free and benefit of smaller running distance.

The partnership with National Paralympic Committee continues in 2017, all the money raised from the registration fee being donated to support further the achievements of Romanian Paralympic athletes.

“Our objective is to increase the number of participants, because only like this we can increase the amount to donate to our partners,” the organizers stated.

In the list of endorsers of this year’s edition are Constantina Dita, Andreea Raducan, Monica Rosu, Miodrag Belodedici, Sonia Argint Ionescu, Carmen Bruma, Eli Roman, Adi Hadean, Dragos Bucurenci, Serban Damian and George 2

“I’m happy to see the positive reactions of the people when we speak about DHL Carpathian Marathon Relay. Not only that this one the first event of this kind in Romania, but we succeeded to create a tradition and a benchmark for the runners, the ones whom are coming each year near us, but also the ones joining each new edition. From year to year the number of participants is bigger and for this I thank them, because each new registration brings a donation for our partners, National Paralympic Committee. 8 editions, 440 companies, 5.200 participants, EUR 112,000 donated are some of the figures of this event, whom evolved during time thanks to the ones whom believe in us: partners, participants, supporters!” Daniel Kearvell, Managing Director DHL Express Romania said.

“(…) National Paralympic Committee is just starting the preparation for Tokyo in 2020. We have several young athletes that we are preparing, just like we prepared Alex Bologa in 2012. This year, in October, in Genoa, the European Junior Paralympic Games are being held. The DHL sponsorship will help us to send them there and provide optimum conditions for these young athletes,” Sally Wood-Lamont, President National Paralympic Committee also said.

Registration is open on, and until March 27 the participation fee is RON 80/person. All the details about the event are available on the campaign website.

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