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  • Hosas?u, Harghita is the Romanian village inhabited by a single person? The village is an 800 year-old settlement, as it was firstly attested in 1300. Economist Florian Kanya is the lonesome inhabitant of this remote hamlet. After living his entire life in the city, he decided to leave it for a more peaceful living in a 100 year-old small house and chose a place where communist collectivization chased away all its villagers. Demographic decline began at the beginning of last century. In 940 there were 90 inhabitants in the village, decreasing to 70 20 years later. People of Hosas?u were mostly farmers, but the village was also famous for its mineral water springs. Natives used to manually bottle the mineral water and hurl it to Vienna.
  • You can buy a seat at the church service? A sheep breeder from Poiana Sibiului (western Sibiu) bade EUR 44,000 for a seat in the church stall, Libertatea daily reports. Precisely the money provided his wife with a seat to feel comfortable during the church service. There are only 200 seats in the stall that 1,300 parishioners are competing for. For example, when somebody dies, his seat comes up for auction. The priest says the seats auctions brought over EUR 170,000. The money is managed by the local councilors who are forwarding it for the ‘halidom’s’ refurbishment. And the floor heating system surely does compensate for the villagers’ financial effort.
  • There will be waybill markings in Godeanu Mountains, one of the most remote ones in Romania? A Gorj mountain rescue team together with over 50 volunteers from Carpathian Mountain Association marked the main edge waybill of Godeanu Mountains and some of the neighbouring ones this summer. So, the mountain rescuers implemented an original system that is a first in the whole country. All trail piers have been indexed with a certain code and a digital map was created based on these codes. Off the track or injured tourists can give the code number on the pier and thus they can be easily tracked. 

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