Digital Health Index, the New Age kind of tool to measure brands health in digital

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Publicis and Digitas Romania, with the support of The Data Intelligence Team from Publicis Groupe Romania, have developed the Digital Health Index, a proprietary tool to measure brands health in digital. DHI has been specifically designed to provide clients with real-time relevant information about the status of their brands – from brand X-rays and competition to various predictions for best business decisions.

Based on DHI, monthly rankings dedicated to several key-industries have been generated. In this first phase, Q1 2021 was taken into account compared to Q4 2020, with the aim of capturing the evolution of industries based on their digital decisions, as clearly as possible.

The first categories analyzed are Auto, Banking, Retail, Telecom and can be found on More categories will be displayed by the end of this month, and they will be available for visualization in infographics.

After a 2020 that has radically affected their way of life, Romanians feel isolated and, more than ever, they say they no longer feel like themselves. 83% state they no longer feel that they have a connection with brands (sources: GWI 2020 and SNA focus). The inevitable switch to online, such as: online classes, online shopping, online family meals, has merely highlighted the need for a new type of measurement that clearly assesses the digital presence of a brand on an up-to-date basis.

Based on multiple data sources, DHI is a modern, complex tool of radiography and qualitative and quantitative measurement of all brand indicators, for selected brands and their competitors, to help restore the connection between consumers and brands.

“If, when making decisions, you don’t know what’s happening to your brand and rely only on marketing models of 2-3 years ago, you haven’t done anything at all. Brands need fresh, current DATA that reflect what happens today or at least this week. Otherwise, Always-On Marketing becomes Always-Late Marketing.
Digital Health Index comes with the new measurement age, integrating millions of real-time data
points with great potential into our clients’ future business decisions: from prioritizing media channels, getting a better content, to more efficient communication strategies, saidTeddy Dumitrescu, CEO, Publicis Groupe România


The Digital Health Index consists of three main scores, each representing 1/3 of it.

  1. Digital Power Score measures how interesting the brand is for consumers.
  2. Content Power Score measures the online presence of a brand starting with the sources of the mentions in space and makes a weight of the impact of these mentions (viewership).In other words, it is not enough to have many online mentions, they also need to have strong visibility to get a higher score.
  1. Conviviality Score measures the empathy level of a brand given by how many positive interactions that brand gathers in Social Media.


“Digital Health Index measures quantitatively and qualitatively the brand’s health in digital. While its creation, we have been able to identify those data sources that simultaneously report the same indicators for both chosen brand & its competitors, in order to guide clients towards a relevant communication for a continuously changing audience. The fact that we look at the social media engagements for competitor brands, in real time, is a considerable differentiator on the Romanian market”, stated Alexandra Caciur, Head of Data & Business Intelligence, Digitas Romania.

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