DIICOT asks for FBI’s help to determine the DNA of Luiza Melencu, one of the alleged victims in Caracal case


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DIICOT has officially announced on Wednesday it had sent a request to FBI in the United States to run a DNA test (mithocondrial and chromosomal) on the samples taken from Luiza Melencu, one of the alleged victims in Caracal case.

Gheorghe Dincă, the main suspect in this file, admitted to murdering both Luiza Melencu and Alexandra Macesanu.

The Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) has informed it had turned to FBI for support in this case, as the mithocondrial test cannot be conducted by any lab in Romania. Romanian prosecutors have also asked for the FBI’s support to do Gheorghe Dincă’s psych profile.

DIICOT chief, Felix Bănilă, explained they asked FBI for a second opinion regarding Dincă’s psych profile and conduct to have a final opinion about the man’s sincerity.

The “Mina Minovici” National Forensic Institute in Bucharest can only run cromosome-type tests. The bone fragments found in the Caracal case were sent to FBI.

DIICOT prosecutors also informed that all activities involving Monica Melencu, Luiza’s mother, are related to these procedures.

Monica Melencu has refused the procedure so far, denying to give the required DNA samples to the prosecutors.

Luiza’s mother has been subpoenaed to DIICOT today, but she said that her decision is taken for the moment, meaning she will not provide new samples and will not sign any document.

Prosecutors went to the house Luiza’s mother to take new DNA samples to run new genetic tests, but Monica Melencu has denied the procedure, after she had consulted her lawyer. The woman argued she refused to give more samples as she suspects investigators want to close down Luiza’s case, by “planting” new evidence in the bones found in the forest near Caracal.

In his turn, Luiza’s grandfather stated that they are being investigated as witnesses. “We are not witnesses in this case, we are the aggrieved party here. Mistakes are deliberately made”, the grandfather argued.

Luiza Melencu’s family is suspicious about the investigation conducted by the Romanian investigators, supporting the version that Luiza would be alive and trafficked and that authorities are trying to cover the case.

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