DIICOT hearings on doctor Lucan case. USR deputy claims top officials are involved, files criminal complaints against them

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USR deputy Emanuel Ungureanu, the vice-president of the Health Committee in the Chamber of Deputies, the man who has reported the illegalities allegedly committed by the famous urologist form Cluj-Napoca, Mihai Lucan, who is investigated under judicial control in a fund embezzlement case, has been heard as a witness for more than three hours at DIICOT on Wednesday.

The USR lawmaker claims that several top officials are involved in this case, naming Health minister Florian Bodog, Cluj-Napoca mayor Emil Boc and former mayor Gheorghe Funar, announcing he has filed criminal complaints against them.

Ungureanu has stated that what doctor Lucan was doing has been known for almost 20 years, and that he has been protected by the politicians. USR deputy accused Health Minister Bodog that he had hindered the checks against Lucan and that he would have interceded in the doctor’s favour. The USR MP also said that Bodog and Lucan had met at least three times since the DIICOT investigation has started.

In retort, minister Bodog told Antena 3 that he had nothing to do with this case, admitting he has known professor Lucan though, but mentioning their relation was strictly professional. The Health minister added that the USR deputy would be held responsible for these accusations.

All that the deputy says is doing it on his own responsibility. I have never interceded for anyone,” Bodog said.

As for the incumbent and the former mayors of Cluj, Ungureanu stated that the thefts of doctor Lucan had been known in the city for almost 20 years.

He (e.n- Mihai Lucan) was helped by Emil Boc. He wouldn’t have done Lukmed without Mr. Boc, who had been operated himself by Lucan both in public and private hospitals. Do you think there is any receipt in this regard? Boc appointed Lucan as his personal adviser,” Ungureanu said.

In his turn, Emil Boc rejected accusations, saying he has never enjoiyed any preferential treatment from doctor Mihai Lucan. About the lease contract to set up LukMed clinic, the mayor of Cluj-Napoca stated that it had been approved by the Cluj-Napoca Local Council before he had been elected mayor.

Since he has been placed under judicial control and has been forced to come to the police station for hearings, doctor Lucan has constantly denied the accusations against him, totally rejecting the murder attempt charges during a kidney transplant he had once performed on a patient. Some of his colleagues accused Lucan that he had cut the renal artery on purpose just to compromise other doctors who were part of the transplant. Lucan said on Monday that cutting a renal artery is part of any transplant procedure.

Let me know when I will also kill the Pope, for as for the rest I don’t know what else I have done. It’s fantastic, I cut a renal artery at every transplant, it means that I have committed a murder attempt at each transplant,” Lucan told journalists, adding that the prosecutors who are investigating his case have no expertize in the medical field.

Lucan said that transplant hadn’t been performed by him, but by doctor Suciu, the one who had eventually reclaimed him and that the time would come when he would publicly say his side of the truth.

As for those EUR 5,000 found on him when he was taken for hearings, Lucan said the money was not in his pocket, but in a bag and that he has given it to the investigators.

The urologist hinted that it was normal that he has such amount of money, considering he is a doctor who had performed many surgeries.

I have done over 75,000 surgeries by the age of 70 and I have a private clinic,” he explained.

However, tens of Lucan’s former patients or their families started to reveal that the renowned doctor would not perform any surgery without receiving high amounts of money as bribe.

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