DIICOT to file the case of Carei family which allegedly put the children to assemble Kinder eggs


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The Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) prosecutors will file the case of the family in Carei, which allegedly put the children to assemble Kinder eggs after investigators determined that the minors were not exploited by their parents.

The DIICOT officials announced on Tuesday that the checks conducted by social workers did not reveal that minors were exploited by the parents, as reported by the journalists with the British newspaper The Sun’.

The children’s statements, the lack of absences from school and other evidence have led the prosecutors to conclude that in this case no criminal offense was committed, so the case will be filed in terms of the accusation of trafficking of minors.

The DIICOT Prosecutors ordered in November the commencement of a criminal investigation in rem related to allegations of trafficking of children mentioned in an investigation conducted by the British newspaper ‘The Sun’.

According to a feature released by the British newspaper ‘The Sun’ Romanian kids aged six get 22p an hour as “slave” labour making Kinder Egg toys.

Soon after the story was released, the mother in the feature, Timea Jurj, has claimed that everything is a frame-up. She denied the whole story.

Later on, the Romanian translator who accompanied the British journalists with ‘The Sun’ for the feature about kids working to make Kinder Eggs at home says there was not frame-up. He also says there are lots of people in the region who work on the black market for the mentioned plan.

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