Director of the Transplant Agency – dismissed by Health Minister after the death of Călin Farcaş


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Director of the Transplant Agency, Radu Deac, was dismissed on Wednesday. The Minister of Health has appointed Alexandra Anca Mureşan, surgeon in Cluj-Napoca, to replace him.

“It is necessary to restructure the National Transplant Agency, for the proper functioning and transparency of the transplantation activity in Romania,” the Minister of Health underlined, according to a press release quoted by

“This appointment (…) is a first step in this direction. I am confident that the new Director will manage to organize a system that works in optimal conditions for the benefit of patients whose lives depend on transplant. Furthermore, we expect that the new transplant law will be ready for debates as soon as possible, and I intend to continue doing everything I can to make the drama of the young man who lost the struggle with life not to repeat,” Sorina Pintea said.

The new executive director of the National Transplant Agency, Dr. Alexandra Anca Mureşan, is a general surgery generalist since 2013.

Until now, she has worked with the Regional Institute of Gastroenterology and Hepatology ‘Prof. Dr. Octavian Fodor’ in Cluj-Napoca.

Radu Deac had been appointed at the helm of the Transplant Agency in 2013 by the then Health Minister, Eugen Nicolaescu.

Health Ministerm, Sorina Pintea, said on Wednesday evening that she also expects changes in the National Transplant Agency’s Scientific Council. The minister said that Romania has never been a member of Eurotransplant, but has had a valid agreement with Eurotransplant.


A 29-year-old young man who needed a lung transplant and had protested with his breathing apparatus next to him in the street this year, has died at a hospital in Bucharest on Monday evening. Although he had managed to raise the money needed for a lung transplant abroad, the procedures were being delayed by the red tape across the Romanian healthcare system.

Călin Fărcaş (photo), who was suffering of pulmonary hypertension and was depending on the breathing apparatus,  had waited for the transplant for more than two years; he has managed to raise those EUR 200,000 needed for his lung transplant, but precious time was wasted with the procedure and paper work.


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