Disputes on gendarmes’ intervention against protesters during Wednesday’s rally. USR asks for the Interior Minister’s resignation

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Florin Iordache, head of the parliamentary committee for the laws of justice and former Justice Minister, said that the gendarmes’ intervention meant “they did their duty” on Wednesday, in Victoriei Square. He said that the German journalist must have violated the law, reason for which he was taken over by the gendarmes.

“I believe the forces did their duty. They have to ensure minimum conditions for those who are in traffic. If I or you want to pass through that area and we have nothing to do with protests, why should we not be granted the right to pass? If they want to protest, there is enough room there, they can say their discontents,” Iordache said.

He added that there was no excess of zeal when the German journalist was taken over.

“If he violated the law, they did very well. The law is the same for Romanians and for foreigners. I am convinced that, if someone was remanded, that person violated a norm,” Florin Iordache said.

USR asks for Interior Minister’s resignation, PNL calls on hearings

Save Romania Union (USR) has asked for the resignation of Interior Minister, Carmen Dan, with the party’s chairman Dan Barna accusing gendarmes of violence against people and journalists during Wednesday’s protests. “When the journalists who are conducting honest investigation are fished by the state system of repression, it is obvious we are heading to a dictatorship of force,” Barna said.

In turn, PNL Deputy Ovidiu Raetchi has called for the hearing of Interior Minister Carmen Dan and the Gendarmerie chiefs by the Parliamentary Defence Committee.

“Given the failures during the Gendarmerie intervention at the protests in Bucharest, with the use of tear gas and pepper spray, the disproportionate use of force and the remand of some foreign journalists, I request the Defence Committee the following: 1. The hearing of Interior Minister, Carmen Dan, about the Gendarmerie intervention. 2. The hearing of the Gendarmerie chiefs involved in the intervention. 3. The investigation of possible political pressures on the Gendarmerie for the disproportionate use of force,” Ovidiu Raetchi says in a press release.

Gendarmerie to purchase manoeuvring cartridges, firecrackers and grenades with special effects

The Romanian Gendarmerie – Military Unit 0260 Bucharest, wants to purchase manoeuvring cartridges and marking cartridges, fumigant grenades and grenades with special effects, as well as firecrackers worth RON 419,960, to the endowment of its units, a SICAP release informs, according to digi24.ro.

Through this procedure, the Gendarmerie wants to buy 7,62×39 mm cartridges (100,000 pieces), 9×19 mm marking cartridges (20,000 pieces), fumigant grenades (1,556 pieces), unique grenades (2,000 pieces) and hand grenades with special effects – acoustic and luminous (300 pieces).

The deadline for receipt of tenders or requests to participate is June 28 at 15:00h, the announcement reads.

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