District 3 mayor Robert Negoita files referral to Prosecutor’s Office regarding the retrocessions during Traian Basescu’s term

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District 3 mayor Robert Negoita has filed on Tuesday a referral to the Prosecutor General’s Office upon the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court) regarding land retrocession during Traian Basescu’s term in office as mayor.

Negoita argues the retrocessions in Bucharest are conducted by an organized criminal group and that the Prosecutor’s Office needs to identify the members of the group, hotnews.ro reports.

“It is about two plots of land in IOR Park and not only, unfortunately there are lots of situations in District 3 and, as far as I understand, in Bucharest in general. The institution I filed my referral to needs to identify the members of this organized group. First of all the owners, but they obviously had serious support from state institutions, institutions which clearly were represented by certain people at the time,” Robert Negoita said when arriving at the Prosecutor General’s Office.

The District 3 mayor said many schools and kindergartens have lost land for this reason, mentioning he is speaking about dozens of hectares of land.

“This organized criminal group is responsible for everything that happened. (…) One of the well-known retrocessions was signed by Mr. Traian Basescu in the last day of his term in office as mayor general. The next day he was at Cotroceni. It is about a significant plot of land in the IOR area. The former Spartacus sports facility…” the mayor said.

Asked why he is submitting the referral now, Robert Negoita said: “Until now I did not have the overall image, since talking about such issues more information has reached me. I am eager and I can hardly wait to be heard in this file,” he added.

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