DNA asks the resolution transferring Belina island to the Teleorman county council to be repealed

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According to the anti-corruption prosecutors’ indictment in the Belina file, that defendants Sevil Shhaideh, former secretary of state within the Regional Development Ministry and Ionela Stoian, as director within the same ministry, have not observed the former premier disposal and ignored the observations from the Justice and Finance Ministries, which had given negative opinion to the legislative act on the transfer of Belina island to the Teleorman county council.

At the same time, the National Anti-corruption Directorate asks the court that the government decision on Belina island’s being given to the Teleorman county council should be abolished.

Prosecutors consider that in this case is an example of exemption from the Civil Code provisions, according to which the transfer of a property right could not be carried out through government decision.

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