DNA Chief Prosecutor, Laura Codruta Kovesi: I have no reason to resign. We witness a defendants’ festival

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Three days after the scandal about the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) that triggered the allegations of evidence falsification have been launched, the DNA chief prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi has offered the first public explanations on Wednesday.

Laura Codruta Kovesi has said that the DNA has acted according to the law, no evidence has been forged, claiming that the latest information is an attack aimed at kneading down the Romanian state and at humiliating the society. In regard to Vlad Cosma, the former Deputy who launched information about the falsification of evidence, Kovesi said that after the first-court sentence, the members of the Cosma family targeted by the investigation have attempted to obtain a document to help them reduce the sentence.

Kovesi specified that Vlad Cosma has filed several denunciations.

“Vlad Cosma has made several of denunciations to the DNA. He came from his own initiative to file denouncements. He was not sought by the prosecutors. I cannot confirm in how many files he received a protected identity,” Laura Codruta Kovesi has said on Wednesday.

The Chief Prosecutor of the DNA stated that she has requested and received a report on the activity of DNA Ploieşti in the cases in which were targeted Andreea Cosma, Mircea Cosma and Vlad Cosma, the document being also sent to the Prosecutor General.

Kovesi said that people from the Cosma family went to the DNA, noting that they have tried to “intimidate the prosecutors to release later media leakage, collage recordings that could jeopardize prosecutors and officers who have worked in the investigation.”

Laura Codruţa Kovesi defended against the allegations of evidence forgery, noting that the DNA acted according to the law, no false evidence, arguing that the information in the latest period is an attack aimed to kneel down the Romanian state and humiliating the society.

“I have always observed the law, no DNA evidence has been forged, anyone who violates the law will face legal measures. I do not think this attack is accidental. We are witnessing a desperate festival of defendants in which people prosecuted, convicted, say half-truths.  It is not about Kovesi or about the DNA chief prosecutor. Why are we attacked? We have done our job. Justice is under assault for over a year. If we look the attackers, we see condemned defendants, people sued, people who have money, resources, possibilities, and wish to discredit the judiciary. Today, it does not seem to be so serious if you are accused or convicted,” Kovesi said.


Former DNA prosecutor Mihaiela Moraru Iorga told on Sunday the public broadcaster Antena 3 TV, that the DNA chief had summoned her and asked her if she could speed up the file of a former minister whose name was rumoured for the post of prime minister.

“At the time the Prime Minister of Romania was to be appointed. The name of a former minister was rumoured. I had a file on this former minister. I do not give names, because I do not want anyone to say I damaged an investigation. I was summoned and asked if we could speed up the file. The reason was that if this gentleman becomes prime minister, Mrs. Dana Girbovan will become Minister of Justice, which would mean a disaster for us,” Mihaiela Moraru Iorga said.

On the other hand, DNA has rejected the charges brought against it by former Deputy Vlad Cosma, who said the institution is ‘making’ files and presented recordings with talks he allegedly had with prosecutors Mircea Negulescu and Lucian Onea at DNA Ploiesti. Vlad Cosma showed to Antena 3 TV recordings with the two prosecutors trying to invent files based on ‘fabricated’ evidence for politicians and businessmen, among them businessman Sebastian Ghita.

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