DNA denies secret collaboration protocol with SRI or Kovesi-Coldea videoconferences

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The National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) on Friday dismissed that chief prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi would have attended videoconferences held by the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) or that any collaboration protocol between SRI and DNA would have ever existed or a secret protocol between Kovesi and SRI’s ex-deputy director Florian Coldea. DNA also says that SRI-prosecutors mixed teams have never existed, or secret meetings between prosecutors and intelligence officers in conspiratorial houses.

DNA has asked the Superior Council of Magistracy to probe into these information released in the media and to say if the allegations affect the justice independence or not.

The anti-corruption body released a statement in retort to certain features published in “Evenimentul Zilei” newspaper and on www.flux24.ro during January 25-27, which presented alleged disclosures on DNA’s “setting up or rigging criminal cases” or “ordering criminal prosecutions” at the initiative and with the involvement of certain politicians and of some persons at the top of the intelligence community (SRI), as well as information that DNA head Kovesi would use less legal methods to exert her work duties.

“These information is false, offending and absurd, while aiming at discrediting the activity of the DNA prosecutors, as they are used as a catch by certain interested persons to defend themselves in the public space and not in law court”, DNA states.

Those articles were saying, among others, that “general Coldea is organizing weekly meetings on Mondays morning with the heads of all SRI units, with Mrs. Kovesi being included in these encounters.”

According to the media reports, such meeting took place at the SRI offices in December 2013. “Kovesi joined the meeting through a videoconference. There used to be such a working method, in compliance with the secret collaboration protocol SRI-DNA. Through Florian Coldea, SRI, and through Laura Codruta Kovesi, DNA, used to monitor every important politician, journalist, businessman, under the pretext of national security. For the devices in the DNA head’s office was not compatible with the one used in the SRI units, a SRI terminal has been set up in Kovesi’s office that enabled immediate communication between her and Florian Coldea. The SRI-DNA videoconference system has intensely operated since 2014, with discussions occurring several times a week and with Florian Coldea asking information on the situation of some defendants or in the files in progress directly from the DNA chief”.

“The above-mentioned information are totally false: the DNA chief prosecutor has never attended the videoconferences held by SRI, neither weekly or occasionally, and she has no special terminals in her office that would enable immediate communication with SRI. There is no SRI-DNA collaboration protocol and it has never existed, or a secret Coldea-Kovesi protocol. There were no mixed SRI-prosecutors teams or meetings between prosecutors and intelligence officers in conspiratorial houses,’ the DNA release further says.

Anti-corruption prosecutors argue that criminal cases are strictly investigated in relation with the Criminal Code, the Criminal procedure Code and Law 78/2000.

“Subsequently, to spread such false information is casting not only a slur on the DNA prosecutors, but it is also generating doubts on the legality and fairness of the entire judiciary system,which are hardly removable.

At the same time, DNA has called on the Superior Council of Magistracy (….) to determine how this information affects the independence of the judiciary system and the magistrates’ authority,” the DNA press release concludes.

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  1. Ion Popescu says

    sri/kovesi/dna=ABUZ!!! ART. 9
    Nimeni nu trebuie sa fie arestat, detinut sau exilat in mod arbitrar. Sa le mai ia dracu`si de drepturi ale omului, traiasca anticouptia…!?

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