DNA recordings reveal former PSD Deputy Vlad Cosma has threatened the prosecutors, opens criminal files for blackmail

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Journalistic investigation platform Rise Project has released an audio recording between former Deputy Vlad Cosma (photo) and former National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutor Mircea Negulescu, aka Portocala (‘Orange’ – our note).

The recording dates back on December 2016, with Vlad Cosma warning the prosecutors that Sebastian Ghita (former MP and businessman) wants scandal and suggested them to leave him alone in order to avoid Ghita’s disclosures.

DNA has opened a criminal file for blackmail regarding the recordings.

The recording was made on December 19, 2016, the very day when Sebastian Ghita fled Romania, at DNA Ploiesti by prosecutor Mircea Negulescu – the prosecutor investigating the files on Ghita and Cosma family.

Vlad Cosma, at the time PSD Deputy, tells the prosecutors that Ghita will make disclosures about the connections between the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), DNA and Laura Codruta Kovesi. Cosma tells them what Ghita wants in order not to make the disclosures.

Sebastian Ghita has four criminal files opened on his name, two of them being in court and other two under DNA investigation.

Former deputy Vlad Cosma and former prosecutor Mircea Negulescu did not want to comment on the recording released by Rise Project.

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