DNA, without acting chief. Anca Jurma will not remain in office

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The acting chief prosecutor of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), Anca Jurma, has announced in a letter sent to the Prosecutor Section within the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) that she doesn’t intend to remain in office, Justice Minister Tudorel Toader has announced on Monday.

Her interim six-month mandate at the helm of DNA is expiring on Tuesday.

The Prosecutor section within CSM was supposed to debate the proposal to extend her mandate as interim prosecutor chief of the DNA on Monday.

During the sitting, during deliberations, a statement of Mrs. Jurma has arrived, announcing she is giving up to be acting chief. In this case, the section took note of her withdrawal and we’ll see what the section will decide in a future sitting,” said the Justice Minister.

Asked if this means he will propose another person as the interim head of DNA, Toader replied: “This is the only solution we’ve got. It will be another proposal, of course, the CSM  will convene next Thursday and it will decide“.
Toader added that he cannot answer in Jurma’s place regarding the reasons behind her decision to step down and that the Prosecutor section will identify at least one prosecutor who can temporarily take the office.
In July 2018, Anca Jurma has been delegated by the Romanian Prosecutor General to be interim chief prosecutor of DNA following Laura Codruta Kovesi’s revocation. Jurma had been Kovesi’s counselor and had had two previous mandates as head of the international cooperation department within DNA.
Justice Minister has recently proposed Adina Florea for the DNA head position for the second time, after President Iohannis has rejected Florea the first time. Now, the head of state has announced the minister’s request to propose the same Adina Florea is assessed within the legal department of the Presidency.

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