Doctor suspended from office for giving drugs only to patients ‘who deserve’

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The head of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Unit (ATI) at ‘Sfantul Pantelimon’ Hospital in Bucharest, Laura Constantinescu, was suspended from office after a recording was revealed to the press in which she explained her colleagues that only the patients ‘who deserve’ should get medication.

Laura Constantinescu and head nurse at ‘Sfantul Pantelimon’ hospital, which kept the medicines at the hospital under lock have been suspended from office, the hospital spokesman told Digi 24.

“At the moment, the Steering Committee took action. The setting up of an investigation committee was discussed to analyze the whole situation. During the investigation the ATI head and the head nurse have been suspended from office. The results will be announced at the end of the investigation,” said Fiorela Mitoiu, spokesperson of the hospital.

In the recording made public on Thursday morning by journalist Catalin Tolontan on his blog, Laura Constantinescu can be heard as telling the doctors at the hospital that drugs are not sufficient for all patients and, “if we give medication to all, we won’t have enough medication for those who deserve.”

Whether “we give only to young people and to those standing chances” or “we don’t have enough not even for those of interest, as this is the budget,” the ATI head said.

Another irregularity at ‘Sfantul Pantelimon’ Hospital in Bucharest is that the drugs are kept under lock by the head nurse. Normally, they must be stored in the hospital’s pharmacy or in each department and all medical personnel should have access to them.

The recording was handed to Catalin Tolontan by Mioara Duvlea, the hospital’s pharmacist.

Health Ministry: Discrimination of patients is unacceptable and illegal

The Ministry of Health will send the control body to the ‘Sfantul Pantelimon’ Hospital in Bucharest.

“Patients’ rights are not negotiable. Discrimination is unacceptable and is a violation of applicable law, including the Code of Ethics of the College of Doctors in Romania,” the Health Ministry said in a statement.

The Ministry shows that it decided to organize a joint action of the Control Body with the Emergency Medical Service to examine whether the allegations can be proved. The checks will be conducted next week after the completion of the ones carried out at this time in Mures and Buzau. The check will go in parallel with the internal investigation at the ‘Sfantul Pantelimon’ hospital.

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